Presentation of the problem

I'm using several media player on my desktop :

I'm also using several ways to control them : The main drawback of these programs is that they are tightly coupled. xmms-xfce is specificaly designed for xmms, lineakd is configured to be used with xmms and so on ...

The goal of this project is to be able to use any controller with any media player


According to the website, "DBus is a message bus system, a simple way to application to talk to another one.". It allow loosely coupled communication between applications, exactly what I was looking for :-)

Each media player expose a remote.control interface to dbus with 5 methods :

Then controller just made method call thru dbus to the remote.control interface.

Here is the whole thing as a picture :

The big picture (how the whole thing is intended to work)

Installation of dbus

You are now ready to run dbus aware software. (do it in the same term as dbus-launch define a variable with the dbus deamon address)

Note : Fedora Core 1 include a old version of dbus, don't know if it does work...

Downloads dbus add-ons

Here is the implementation of remote.control for the software i'm using : If you wrote some code for a controller or a media player, feel free to contact me, i'll be adding your piece of code to the list.